Adam Tilton

Web Developer

About Me

Web Development has been a hobby and passion of mine since the very early days of the internet. As languages, practices, and standards evolved and grew, I worked hard to keep up with the times and educate myself to ensure the best work for my clients. The web is constantly changing and growing, and it's important that I do the same with my skills.

Being a problem solver at my core, I thrive on puzzles, challenges, and innovation. No matter the scope of the project, I always enjoy watching it all come together in the end.

I'm currently taking on freelance projects while looking for a full or part-time position. If you have a project you'd like me to tackle, please contact me .


This portfolio, in itself, is an example of many different elements at work. The panels you're reading this content in were created using a combination of HTML5 , Bootstrap , AngularJS , and a little custom CSS .

With these, as well as other frameworks available today, I can help you create cross-browser web applications in addition to responsive, mobile-friendly sites like this one.

For an example of a web application using jQuery Mobile , check out in the projects section below.


This site was created for Lizzy Caroloke as a more modern approach to song books and karaoke discs.

Using PHP, jQuery Mobile, and MySQL, the database of over 18,000 songs is searchable and managed by a custom CMS as well as the desktop karaoke hosting software itself which was created using Adobe Air.

Singers can visit the site during shows to browse the song list, save their favorites, and send their requests directly to the song queue over a custom Node.js push server.

Andrea Eames is an author who was looking for a professional site which could also hold her blog. Blog posts were imported from an existing Blogger account. This site uses WordPress with a custom theme.

WordPress is a common solution when a site needs to be expandable in the future, and content can be easily maintained without knowledge of HTML.

This site was created for Ruthie J, an artist in Austin, TX. She needed a place to post an artwork gallery, news, store, and contact info.

It uses a custom CMS for managing news, and pages, as well as the gallery. The gallery supports drag/drop image uploading, and you can manage them seamlessly on the gallery page itself.

The store features PayPal checkout for auotmated ordering.

O(N)CS, or Owen Computer Science, is a site that offers free computer science lessons. There are also materials available for sale for each lesson that include tests, quizzes and study guides.

The site uses custom CMS to manage lessons, news, users, and orders. It also features protected content which is stored off-line and made available only to those who have licensed the materials. Ordering materials is automated and uses PayPal for checkout.